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Gamblingtaxes.ca's philosophy is to offer a simpler, professional and transparent solution to its customers, thus allowing an easier fiscal recuperation.

1. We take care of your ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) number request. This is the first step a Canadian citizen must take in order to fill out an American income tax report.

2. We fill up the various forms needed for your income tax report. This is where our expertise kicks in. What deductions are you allowed? What documents do you need? Who can authorize them? We both build a full and accurate file, then send it to the IRS through our Canadian Certifying Acceptance agent for the IRS.

3. We take care of 100% of the process, from the initial request to the final check that will be sent to you.

The 30% withholding and the States taxes

Gambling gains are taxable in the United States. They are considered as income thus taxable according to the income level of every American citizen having won money gambling.

Being a Canadian citizen does not exempt you from such a tax. However, since your income tax return is filed in Canada, not in the United States, the casino where you win acts as an IRS agent and deducts automatically 30% from certain wins. It then returns this money to the IRS. This does not mean the amount they deducted represents the amount you actually have to pay. In fact, it represents the maximum amount the IRS can collect.

By filing an American income tax return through us, you make sure all eligible deductions will be applied, notably your gambling losses in the same year, allowing you to recover up to the total amount deducted by the American Internal Revenue Service. At Gamblingtaxes.ca our mission is to maximize this amount and recuperate it on your behalf.

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