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Frequently Asked Questions - Gambling Taxes

Who's eligible?
Any Canadian citizen not residing in the USA having won a prize and seen the IRS withhold part of it can claim part or all of it to the IRS. Residents of other countries benefiting from a Tax Treaty with the USA can also be eligible. Contact us to know more.

What documents do I need?
Since January 2017, the IRS requires you to include a certified true copy of your passport (not just a notarized copy as before) in order to obtain an ITIN, (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). You also need to join your 1042-S Forms, issued by the casino when you won. If you lost them, we can retrieve them for you. With these, we are able to build your file.

What's the timeframe?
First, since you can file a Tax Refund only at the start of the next year, you have to wait till the next January to file. However, we will complete your file ahead of time to make sure you get your money back as soon as possible.

If you already have an ITIN, the normal time required to get your refund will be between 8 to 16 weeks. If you don't already have an ITIN, add 8 to 12 weeks more.

You have 3 years to file for a refund. For example, if you won in 2013, you have until April 15th 2017 to claim your refund. Obviously, the sooner you file the better it is.

How do I get paid?
Since your deduction was in US dollars, so will your refund. Contrary to some other companies, we will never cash your check. We will send you directly the original from the IRS. You will always get it quickly since we do not benefit from withholding your payment.

What proofs do I need?
If you're a casual casino player, you have many tools. The most important one is the player's card. It allows you to get a yearly statement from the casino. You should also keep appropriate papers such as wire transfers, ATM receipts, debit/credit card receipts, ticket stubs, entry fee tickets, etc.

You must also keep a log of all your sessions, including:
  • Date of play
  • Casino name
  • Type of game and limits
  • If possible, names of people with you.
  • Wins or losses for your sessions.

If you're a poker player, it is absolutely necessary to keep a file of all these, especially the ones that can be hard to remember, where players cards are not in use. For example during cash games sessions at the Rio during the WSOP.

A well-kept file will tremendously facilitate your claim.

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Do I need to include all these proofs with my filing?
Absolutely not. Usually your request for a refund is based uniquely on your word. However, it is important to understand that in the event of an audit by the IRS, even if these are rare, such documents could be asked for.

What games are exempt?
Certain games are exempt from taxation. These are blackjack, roulette, craps, Big-6 Wheel, and baccarat. Conversely, you cannot deduct losses from these games from your winnings in taxable games.

I won outside a casino; can you help me?
Of course! Any taxable gain, whether from a casino, racino, lottery, game show, charity night, etc. follows the same guidelines and we are able to help you.